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Club Defends Ashton Cup

posted 12 Apr 2017, 03:49 by stephen wall   [ updated 12 Apr 2017, 03:52 ]
The club commences its defence of the Mid-Shropshire Leagues Ashton Cup on Wed 19 Apr commencing at 7:00pm. Albrighton are drawn in the preliminary round against Bowring 'C'. Despite being the current holders of the trophy we pick up an handicap of +22 whilst Bowring have +13, this gives the B team a start of 7 chalks even before a wood is played. If victorious in this match the next opponents will be St Georges C who have an handicap of +9, given us an even greater start. The Full draw for the prelim and first round is below. Clarification as to how we can field the same team twice in an evening still has to be resolved with the league.

The rules of the competition are below the draw, however as the match is being played on a Wednesday evening; means that social bowling for that evening will be cancelled, however club members are asked to turn out and support the team in the defence of their title.

First Round Held on 19/04/17
1Sinclair D(25)  Madeley CC C(3)AtSinclair D
1Madeley CC C(3)  Sinclair D(25)AtMadeley CC C
2Horsehay C(2)  Sinclair C(7)AtHorsehay C
2Sinclair C(7)  Horsehay C(2)AtSinclair C
3Worfield A(4)  SJ Bayley D(29)AtWorfield A
3SJ Bayley D(29)  Worfield A(4)AtSJ Bayley D
4Donn Wood C(1)  SJ Bayley C(12)AtDonn Wood C
4SJ Bayley C(12)  Donn Wood C(1)AtSJ Bayley C
5Trench C(23)  Charlton B(10)AtTrench C
5Charlton B(10)  Trench C(23)AtCharlton B
6Wrock Wood C(5)  Highley B(17)AtWrock Wood C
6Highley B(17)  Wrock Wood C(5)AtHighley B
7Wrock Wood D(32)  Allscott CAtWrock Wood D
7Allscott C  Wrock Wood D(32)AtAllscott C
8Winner of Match No 1  St Georges C(9)At
8St Georges C(9)  Winner of Match No 1AtSt Georges C
Preliminary Round Held on 19/04/17
1Bowring C(13)  Albrighton B(22)AtBowring C
1Albrighton B(22)  Bowring C(13)AtAlbrighton B

1. Competition is open to Monday night teams from Division 4 and below.

2. Teams who enter must select a squad that must be submitted to the competition secretary 48 hours before the first league games of a new season. Only players from this squad will be eligible to play in ties, and any changes to squads must be approved by the competition secretary in consultation with the scrutineer.

3. Any bowler who is registered on their club’s Named Players list(s) for the Friday divisions or Premier League, when the squad(s) are named, is ineligible to play in the Ashton Trophies. Once a bowler has played for a team in the competition, he or she will be cup tied from joining another team if their club has more than one entry.

4. To be eligible to play in the semi-finals and final of both competitions, all bowlers must have played as least 4 Monday night league games.

5. Winners shall hold the Ashton Cup for 12 months and receive a monetary award. Teams losing in the preliminaries or first rounds shall be entered in a consolation competition, to be played under the same set of rules, the winners of which shall hold the Ashton Shield for 12 months and receive a monetary award. Prize money shall also be paid to runners-up and losing semi-finalists.

6. Numbers of players shall be 10, playing 5 at home and 5 away on the same day. Teams shall receive a handicap score according to their League position at the time of the first draw, top side in Division 4 off scratch, second place 1, third place 2 etc.