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Purchase Complete

posted 28 Jun 2017, 09:36 by stephen wall
After a very frustrating year the purchase of the Complex site by Albrighton Sports Complex has, of Wednesday 28 June been successfully completed. This now means the future development lays firmly in the hands of both the bowls and football clubs. Congratulations to both Bob Silvester and Gerry Connolly in perusing the most frustrating process as deadline after deadline passed due to delays with one or the other of the three solicitors involved in the purchase have caused nothing but problems, which was passed down to either the Chairman or the Secretary to resolve. Thanks must also go to our three trustees who have supported the bid and provided invaluable advice throughout the whole process.
The next step is a 6 month settling in period, and the development of a new constitution and structure begins, which should be ready for presentation at the AGM in January, or sooner via an EGM. New trustees also have to be found as John Bulmer, Paul Joslin and John Hughes have decided to step down after 16 years in post.